This page contains photos of our property in Pulaski, Tennessee and the construction project. We will add photos as projects progress through different phases of construction.


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        Our new home for retirement. We have owned this for 7 years now and progressing along to have it ready for 2016. 
Here are some photos of the entrance to the community and on the way to the property. Also some photos of our view.



      This property has electric, new septic system, water and ready to go. The building you see here was originally an above ground water
storage tank for Milky Way Farms. It is 27 feet wide, 129 feet long with 10 inch concrete walls and 18 inch concrete floor. The previous
owner placed 2X4 walls and trusses on the concrete walls and steel roofing. The ceilings are at 10 feet.


                     We will need to house the motorhome and other stuff and live in it until the house is built. The 10 foot ceilings are not high enough to do
               that, so we will increase the ceiling height to 14 feet on about half of the building (60 feet) and add some rollup doors. This is during the
               tear down phase and adding the taller 2X6 walls.


       These photos are of Once the basic construction was complete, the rollup doors were added. We then wrapped the upper structure
with vinyl siding and trim. The concrete was painted to match the green vinyl siding. The temporary power was not for long.
The new 400 amp power is installed with a meter and two 200 amp breakers. One 200 amp is for the shop and the other is for the
 house. There is a panel inside with lighting and outlets. Permits are all signed off. Now we will start more development inside soon
constructing the bathroom, radio room and finishing the airplane shop.


        August 18, 2013 - Inside construction has begun.  We are now framing the interior rooms.


        October 28, 2013 - We went out this weekend to check progress and purchased materials from Home Depot to finish up this phase.
The framing is done for the bathroom, radio room and workshop. We laid out the electrical and plumbing plan. Before too long,
it will be sheet rocked and finished.


August 3, 2014 - I have not been able to update for some time. The shop is really looking different since it is almost finished. I will put in
floors, cabinets and baseboard after we move. My sister Monya happened by the place a took a few photos of the bathroom, radio room
and workshop as it currently is.




March 30, 2016 - Listing the Ryde property and trying to sell it kept me from posting much here. I'll try to catch up as best I can. The
first few photos are from May 2015. I went to meet with the excavator to work on the areas around the building to prepare for our
planned arrival. It looks nice with the grass mowed.


March 31, 2016 - These photos were taken by my friend who mowed our property in September 2015. The excavation around the
building had been started.


         April 1, 2016 - We arrived in Tennessee on February 23rd. The plan was to bring the motorhome up to the property and settle in.
The driveway areas did not have any gravel yet because of weather setbacks. We stayed in a local RV park for the first week and
I arranged to get the gravel on the drive areas so we could move in.


         April 2, 2016 - As the days have progressed, we have accomplished a fair amount in between storms. Our excavation guy has been
hard at work and moving around a lot of earth and rock. He cut our building pad for the house, cut the driveway up to the house and
removed more dirt from behind the shop to accommodate a pull-thru RV pad. I have also included a concept photo of the house we
are building. We took a photo of the property from the hill across from us to show how nice it all looks with the shop, gravel
and house pad.




        April 3, 2016 - We purchased our new Yanmar tractor. I liked the one I had in California so much, I decided to continue with
tradition. This one is a couple years newer (1984-85) but is completely refurbished and looks new. The photos are of the day of
delivery (3-9-16) and of course Billie had to see if she liked it. We decided it should not be left out in the weather. We
purchased  a 18X20 foot carport to park the tractor and the flat car trailer. They will be in there as soon as I get some
gravel down.



          April 4, 2016 - We continue to work the outside when we have good weather. Billie mowed about 2 acres in the front corner the other
day, while I cleaned up the treed area in front of the shop and burned two piles of brush.  The footings have been dug and they did get
some water in them from the big storm we had. When the weather is not so good, I have been working in the shop to get it situated.
We are still having some roof leak issues and water seeping through the walls during heavy rain. I have come up with some solutions and
will work on it over the next two weeks. Once complete, I will start putting the workshop and radio room in order. I have ordered my
workshop cabinets and island from an Amish cabinet maker. We have also been working with another Amish gentlemen to build our
kitchen cabinets. The do beautiful work at very reasonable prices...more to follow. Also a little for fun...I purchased my smoker.
It is the Green Mountain Grill - Daniel Boone model. I have been having fun with it...brisket, ribs, bratwurst. These photos are
from tonight when I grilled some nice sirloin steaks. They were awesome! Love the new smoker/grill.


April 19, 2016 - Since we got a nice break in the weather, today the footings got poured. It took 28 yds. of concrete and we are
now ready for blocks to build up the foundation. I have also been working on the roof of the shop building and the walls to take care
of leaking issues. I think we have solved 99%. We have also installed 6 inch gutters all around. Additionally, here is a photo of the
carport now that it is graveled and the tractor and car trailer is parked there.



April 27, 2016 - Continuing with the building work. we have sealed the roof and it now should be fine. We also have touched up the
outside paint since more soil has been removed from around the sides. Now to finish leveling the soil around it and put down more
3/4 inch gravel so it looks like this end in the photo. I'm working on the inside organizing my work area, sheet rocking some areas,
installing pegboard, unpacking more boxes and getting set up. Yesterday, they laid out the footings for the foundation blocks.
More to follow.


May 2, 2016 - The weather broke again and now the foundation blocks are going in. Now it's getting exciting!


May 10, 2016 - The weather has continued to cooperate. We are moving along good now. we have purchased 150 tons
(300,000 lbs.) of gravel to fill the foundation. The plumber will now install the rough plumbing and ready it for concrete.
I have also bit off a little more of that elephant and got the front of the property looking better, like someone is
actually living here now. I keep mowing a section at a time to get it looking good as well.


May 19, 2016 - The slab was finally poured yesterday.  50 yards of concrete and a crew of 8, pumper truck and
we even had a little concrete left to pour my pad for the garden shed.  The framers will start on Monday, May 23rd.


May 23, 2016 - We started the framing today with a crew of five. We have deviated from the plans as drawn to make
everything flow nicer.  Most of the changes were suggested by the framers. These guys are awesome and they're on it.


May 25, 2016 -  The framing continues.  These photos show views from the back yard, side yard, garage view and views
from the hill up behind the house. The last photo is a view from the shop.  It is really looking awesome inside with lots
of room and beautiful views.



    June 3, 2016 -  The house continues to look better every day. These photos are from the last 2 days and they are really
getting it done fast. The quality of the work is excellent. We have been shopping like crazy for lights, plumbing, cabinets
windows, doors, skylights...etc. The last photo was taken just as the storm started to drop buckets of water.



       June 7, 2016 -  Today was working in the shop and outside. Billie mowed with the tractor and I worked in the shop
preparing to lay the vinyl floor in the radio room. I also finally received our numbers for my rock address marker.


        June 13, 2016 - Framing continues. The roof structure is done and roof decking is going on. The room over the garage
is framed as well. The rep from our building supply was out today to order the windows and exterior doors.


         June 15, 2016 - The roofing is about completed.  The decking is going on and soon we will shingle the house.


 July 5, 2016 - I have been remiss in my posting duties.  Here are some progress photos. The roof is complete and
we are awaiting the next shipment of windows and exterior doors to install and button up the house from rain. The
second photo is looking from the front entry to the back yard.


July 13, 2016 - We have been waiting for the windows and doors to come in for installation. Today, the framers
came back and installed the windows and doors as well as some things inside like framing the master bath
Jacuzzi tub and a few other things. Here are some current photos as it is looking really nice.



September 1, 2016 - It has been a while since we posted some photos as inside work does not show much. We
have been wiring and plumbing the house. We had an issue with the guest bath shower and had to order a
different one and it took a bit to get it. The plumbing is roughed in and ready for inspection. I helped the
electrician as much as I could and the rough in is complete and passed inspection. The electrical work has
taken over 7,000 feet of wire to complete. The three HVAC systems with ducting are now installed. It was
two - 3ton units for the main house and a multi-zone mini-split unit for the FROG and garage. We will be very
comfortable. The two main units are also wifi controlled. There was not much outside activity as the weather
has held us up as it seems to rain every other day. We have gotten a nice break and the bricks are here and
the mason crew is hard at it. It sure is going to be beautiful. I have also posted a inside photo on the insulation
as it is going in.


September 1, 2016 - More work on the outside as it is moving along as we hoped. Here is more brick work and
some vinyl siding on the upper section - I call it a dormer window. It is trimmed in white with grey aluminum facia.


September 8, 2016 - We decided to get another carport installed for the car trailer as we may not store it in
the garage as originally planned. This works great and we can do it either way if we wish.


September 29, 2016 - The brick work continues along the front. It really looks great with the soldiering and
keystone accents. The drywall is almost done and the taping and mudding has begun. We should be painting and
trimming in about a week or so.  I've been working in the shop, installing the flooring. It should be complete in
the next week and photos will follow.


October 9, 2016 - More progress on the front of the house with the brick, including the keystones above each
window and door. We are also getting the vinyl and pvc coated aluminum in the other areas so it will never need
paint...just pressure washing. There are also photos on the inside as it is now ready for paint, trim and interior
doors. And finally, I'm getting close to completion of my workshop in the big shop building. The Amish cabinets
and Armstrong checkered green floor is looking great.




October 28, 2016 - We are still at it. The paint and trim guys are working on the inside and the masons are
almost finished with the outside. Next for them is the fireplace. I have been working on the shop more and
have completed my airplane storage room and garage stall for one of the hot rods.


November 29, 2016 - Things have slowed down considerably again as it usually does during the paint and
trim phase. Also now waiting for completion of the fire place to insulate the attic areas and turn on the
heat. We will start installing the master bath and floors next week. We could make it by Christmas, but
not wanting to rush anyone at this point and sacrifice quality. Here are some photos of interior and exterior.
I went to visit our Amish cabinet maker this morning to se our completed kitchen cabinets. They are really




January 2, 2017 - It has been over a month since I took photos and posted. Lots of work in going on inside
again and we are getting closer.  We missed our Thanksgiving move-in, Christmas and New Year. It looks
like the end of the month may be pretty good. Meanwhile, the fireplace is complete, and floors are getting
done as well as the master bath. The porches are now poured also.






January 31, 2017 - Today's photos are of the kitchen cabinets, front door, front porch and great room
ceiling.  Also the heated jacuzzi is installed.  The cabinets are installed except for the island. That will be
installed after the wood floors sanded, stained and finished. We installed all of the exterior door knobs and
locks. We have also added the barn wood to the great room ceiling and we are almost finished with the front
porch ceiling. Those areas will also be stained and finished. We should start sanding the floors tomorrow and
the countertops will come in the next week to ten days.



February 5, 2017 - The barn wood floors have been sanded and the first coat of urethane has been applied. We
were originally going to stain the floors prior to the clear. However, the finisher applied the straight clear to the
wood to show us how it would bring out the color. We are happy we did not stain them as they would come out too
dark. Two more coats of clear with sanding in between coats will be the final finish. I was set on the idea of the
old barn wood and we love all the character with cracks, knots and blemishes. The first photo is the dining room
with red and white oak. The second photo is the entry/foyer with mixed hardwoods (hickory, maple, black ash
beech, wormy chestnut.)




March 16, 2017 - Once again the weather has not been cooperative...rain every 3 days and no chance to dry out
enough to pour concrete and it holds up other things. We were also waiting for countertops, tile work and plumbing
to progress. The end is finally in sight and we have gotten more progress in the last couple weeks. Our beautiful
concrete countertops are finished in the kitchen, laundry room, and master bath and the plumber was able to complete
  more of the fixture installation.  Once the tile backsplash and mural in installed in the kitchen, we can finish the fixtures
 and appliances. The wood work on the porch and great room ceiling is clear coated and we installed fixtures as well. I
installed the Uba Tuba granite vanity tops in the guest and half bath and they turned out awesome. Concrete is now poured
for garage apron and sidewalks. The back patio comes next. As you can see, our appliances have been delivered.  Last but not
least, our car club president was out flying with a club member and took an aerial view of the Wilson spread.
More to follow, enjoy all the photos.



March 21, 2017 - A lot more progress again yesterday.  Kitchen backsplash is complete, guest bath shower is ready for
shower door and carpets are in all bedrooms and great room. It is getting very close now...yay!



May 9, 2017 - Finally the day arrived and the inspections are finalized. It was move in time. We have been steadily moving
and unpacking for two weeks now. It is looking good and it feels nice to be moved out of the motorhome after 15 months.
Here is a photo of the house as complete enough to move in. We still have to stain the porch and garage floor and then on
to landscaping. I also found the time to finish my new awning over the front shop door.


June 1, 2017 - We are settling in nicely now and most everything is in place. We are still unpacking and putting things
away as would be expected. This series of photos are for those that would like to see it before your visit.










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