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These are some photos of our children.


                         Eddie jpeg.jpg (8966 bytes)                         Omi1.jpg                       Josh1        
                       This is Eddie                           This is Omi San                       This is Josh



                    Mallery1                             Mallory2                         Mallory3    
                       This                                                 is                                        Mallory

         Isn't she a doll....she thought she was a big dog and played with all the others.  She was 8 weeks old in these photos.


                   Maggie                       Maggie7.jpg (76202 bytes)                      Joey3  

                                                   This is Maggie                                              This is Joey


                                     kids1.JPG (82111 bytes)                    kids2.jpg (74700 bytes) 

     These are the latest photos of the kids.  In the left photo you see Josh (sable), Nikki (black), Savannah (standing), Bonnie (in back), Mallory (blue) and Maggie (front).  The right photo adds Andy (our big boy).                              


              chase.jpg (63162 bytes)                shay2.jpg (98512 bytes)               Savannah.JPG (85149 bytes)

                 Chase - 3 yrs.                     Shay - 10 yrs                    Savannah - 2 yrs



            tiffany and bailey.JPG (97329 bytes)   tiffany and bailey2.JPG (88528 bytes)   tifandbail.jpg (192831 bytes) 
     These are 2 of Mallory's babies (Tiffany and Bailey) and you can see them full grown on the front page



These are our Winners

  josh2.jpg (235268 bytes)  


Chipper and Billie.jpg (45788 bytes)

                  omi.JPG (101815 bytes)        sassy.JPG (111169 bytes)        skylar.JPG (105293 bytes)        shay.JPG (121408 bytes)                      

Andy and Billie.jpg (58972 bytes)        Maggie and Billie.jpg (54100 bytes)        Nikki and Billie.jpg (45236 bytes)


Bonnie and Billie.jpg (50506 bytes)        Bonnie and Joe.jpg (50316 bytes)

 These are photos from the Annual Cow Palace Dog Show


                                                       cowpal2.JPG (13422 bytes)                     cowpal.JPG (12695 bytes)            


Sassy White and The Seven Chihuahuas


                                 cowpal99-2.JPG (74336 bytes)             cowpal99-1.JPG (75466 bytes)             cowpal99-3.JPG (72466 bytes)                        


Star Trek theme with the USS Bonaprise  


                                                                              cowpal2000.jpg (53705 bytes)                                                                                  


                                                                 Star Trek theme repeated


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                               cow2003e.jpg (63306 bytes)           cow2003h.jpg (66452 bytes)           cow2003f.jpg (63569 bytes)  

                                                     cow2003g.jpg (68361 bytes)           cow2003i.jpg (74276 bytes)
                                                                       Peter Pan theme


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