I just finished this Goldberg Tiger 60 rebuild that I received as a gift. I have explained it in full on the
Models Under Construction page. The link is at the bottom of the Airplanes main page.

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We have had a lot of rain this season, so I have had time to finish up some inside projects and more planes
for the fly-ins this year. One of the projects is this Slipstream 80" Chipmunk. I have always wanted a Chipmunk
and bought this from a gentleman in Ohio for a reasonable price. He flew it with a Saito 1.80. I have installed
a RCGF 35cc. Other additions are Robart Robo-struts and 3.25" wheels, instrument panel and pilot. One of the
best mods is removing the elevator servos from the tail and installed a World Models bell crank assembly
and driven with a Dave Brown fiberglass pushrod. By doing this, it only required 1.5 oz. of nose weight.



While in Perry, GA at the RC swap this year, I picked up this Hobbico Sukhoi SU-31 for $50. I could not
pass it up as it had an O.S. 91 4 stroke in it. surely it was worth that. The plane had issues. It was dirty,
wrinkled and lots of broken parts. It was fuel soaked from a ruptured fuel tank, the engine box and
firewall was broken apart as well as the landing gear mount. The tail section was a mess, horizontal stab
was broken loose and rudder hinges were pulled loose. Well...epoxy, iron, heat gun made a big improvement
and it came together well. I added a pilot and instrument panel to dress up the cockpit and it is ready.




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