These are photos of my World Models 80" Spitfire ARF.  It is stand off scale and has US markings.  I even have John Wayne
as my pilot.  It is powered with a Moki 1.80.  I have always wanted to try a Moki and this one is nice.  It runs really nice and
is dialed in and ready for flight.  This plane should fly in the neighborhood of 110-115 mph flat out.  I did test fly it and it flies
quite nicely.  I think it will be a hit at the field.  Update: The Moki made me feel uncomfortable being unfamiliar with them.
I decided to change out the engine with an AGM-30 gas engine. It is a nice inexpensive engine and it flies this plane very well.


                           This is my 80" Hangar 9 Piper Pawnee.  It is built with the suggested power plant, a Saito .82 4 stroke.  The pilot is
Kenneth and the red light on top of the cockpit flashes when the the receiver is on. This is an excellent ARF and the quality
is superb.  It was very easy to assemble.  It is balanced, engine has been run and ready for its first test flight. 
Update - January 1, 2010 - I took it to the field for the maiden flight about 3pm.  The weather was perfect for flying...nice
temperature, very slight breeze.  The plane was off the ground as soon as I advanced the throttle.  A few clicks of up
elevator is all it needed and it flies like the reviews say.  Boy, what a floater it is.  Slow crop-dusting passes will be
a signature maneuver for this plane for sure.



These photos were taken at the TRCM field near my house on February 15, 2010.  Talk about realistic looking
shots.  The photographer - Brian did a nice job of capturing it in flight.



 Some time ago, I had a Sig Kadet Seniorita as my night flyer.  It was equipped with RAM lights and required some heavy
batteries.  It was a fun plane for night flying, but I crashed it one day during daylight hours because of a bad receiver
 battery.  Billie was after me for years to build another one and I decided it should be a Sig Kadet Senior this time.  I have
 had this kit in the attic for several years and finally decided it was time to get it done especially for the "Back at Castle"
West Coast Festival 2010.  This is it...a Sig Kadet Senior with ailerons and most of the dihedral out of the wing.  It is
powered with an OS .70 Surpass 4-stroke and has over 80 bright LEDs and lights with a 3 cell li-poly battery.  Plenty
of light and looks great in the air. 




 I thought I would try a small Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) Jet.  I purchased an all foam F-22 from Nitroplanes with two
55mm EDFs.  It was cool but it was short lived as I had put a receiver in it that was meant for park flyers.  When it got
out of range it crashed and looked like someone had put a M80 in an ice chest.  That was a learning experience.  So I
thought I buy another fuse only as all of the gear survived the crash.  As I was looking, I came across a nice little A-10
fuse that was meant for 50mm fans.  I have always loved the A-10 so installing the 55mm fans took a little extra work,
but worked out great and it flies excellent.  That is it in the first photo.  Then one day I stumbled across the Banana
Hobby site only to find they were coming out with a 59" A-10 all foam with 70mm EDFs.  I had to have one and here it
it almost ready for maiden flight...just a few more things.  It has screw drive electric retracts, opening/closing canopy,
and other goodies like smoke which I chose not to install at this time.  I have beefed it up a bit with some carbon fiber,
painted the ordinance and did some weathering to make it look battle tested.  I still have some air brushing to do, but
that will not change it much.



I love the Cessna 310.  I still have not built my big one from the Nosen kit.  When I saw the Dynam Grandcruiser,  I
decided to have one.  I wanted it to look like the 310 as it should and the way we intend to finish the big one, so here it
is with graphics done by ModelGrafix.  It turned out beautiful and flies as nice as it looks.  The first flight was very
adventurous as these need a fair amount of down elevator trim. It is definitely a hit at the field. The fourth photo is stock.


Since getting into float flying, I have expanded my fleet. Among the various planes was a GWS Beaver and it was never a
decent flier.  It caused me too much work at the fly-ins.  I was looking for something to fly in the morning when it is calm;
something that flies slow and easy.  Rather than the traditional GWS floats on this Slow stick, I decided to go with these
Snoopy floats from Seaplane Supply Co. I took it to the Minden Float Fly last weekend (Apr 12-14 2013) and had a great
time with it. It is quite the hit as everyone asks questions.  It flies like a butterfly and the weight of the floats make it
so stable. Everyone wants one.


Since I've not owned a WWI plane, it is time.  My favorite WWI plane is a Nieuport 28C1.  During some research, I
also discovered the Spad XIII.  I purchased the Maxford ARF.  It has a 68" wingspan and came covered with beige
film and the rooster decals.  The rooster decals were too large for the fuse and would be extremely difficult to install
Thanks to Dennis Kirby at Kirby's Kustom Graphics, it now has the "Swooping Eagle" and looks great.  I painted the
camouflage and added some weathering by using dark colors of pastel chalk dust with satin clear coat.  It is powered
with a RCS 140 turning a 17X8 Zoar scale painted prop.


We attended the WDARC Golden Age fly-in at Woodland, CA this weekend. The event was Saturday only, but we went
on Friday and came home Sunday.  Two of my previously owned planes were there at the event.  Ken Shapiro brought my
1/5 scale Tiger Moth that I built in 1995 and sold it to him some years ago.  He offered to take a photo of me with the
Tiger Moth since the photo on the first page was a captured frame of a video and not very clear.  As you can see, Ken has
taken excellent care of it and it still flies great.


This is my Canadair CL-415 from Nitroplanes.  It is powered with 2 - OS .70FS Surpass 4 stroke engines.  It flies very
well.  The first photo is with my good friend Monty Welch as we are flying both of ours together. Unfortunately, Monty
had an engine flame out and it crashed.  There is mine taxiing back by itself.  The good news is that Monty rebuilt his
CL-415 and painted it a different color.  There is a photo of us after a successful flight at Lake Minden, CA on Oct 4, 2014.
Our friend Randy Sizemore is pouting in the background as he lost his a couple of years ago and his new one is not quite
ready so he couldn't fly with us.


From the bottom of page 3, I showed my World Models Sky Raider Mach II ARF on floats.  I flew it for 6 years and
have repaired a damaged wing, recovered the wing, replaced the horizontal stabilizer and flown the heck out of it for
all this time. The covering was getting brittle and the poor airframe was worn. Being that time of year, I don't have
enough time to rebuild and recover it for the next event. I decided to check out my friends a Wingsmaker and
bought this Wingman II which is the exact plane with different color schemes.  We decided on this color and
it is all together and ready for the next even in two weeks. Great looking plane and it will undoubtedly fly as
well as the Sky Raider Mach II.



Well, I picked up a Yellow Aircraft P-47 as it was an airplane I have wanted for a long time and  I got it for a
reasonable price. This one needed some structural work and painting, but it came with Sierra retractable landing
gear and tail wheel. It also has a DA-50 with Hitec HS645MG servos. I reworked the entire plane to include
wingtip work, controls and air system. It was not outfitted with landing gear doors, but came with the inners. I made
the main gear doors and mounted the inner doors with actuating servos. This plane had some issues and I don't know
how well it flew originally. It has been through a few owners as it has been painted about three times and the last
paint job was cool if you like to paint with a brush. I decided it needed a complete makeover and here it is with
latex house paint and Callie's graphics. It now weighs in at about 28lbs. A little heavier than I wanted, but it
should be fine. The DA-50 should haul it around with no problem. I got it in July 2015 and this project took a
lot of work, but turned very nice overall. UPDATE: I test flew it on January 2, 2016. It flew great and it is a
real sweetheart to fly. I did not have the flaps setup properly, so I landed without them and it was no problem.


It has been a while for any updates for this page since our move to Tennessee. I have been slowly getting the shop
together like mine in California. This one is turning out very nice and will be better than the last one.  The cabinets
were built by my Amish cabinetmaker. More to follow as I'm almost complete and ready to start working on airplanes
and get back to flying.

I have completed the airplane storage room. It will work out much better that keeping them in the shop...less hanger
rash and more room to work. I can also still park a car in here. The rack system is excellent also as I can transfer
the plane and cradles to either trailer.


I have been able to get some building done in between working on the property. This 72" Beaver from Hobby King
was started before we packed up in California. I recently completed it and will fly it at some future opportunity.
It is outfitted with nice fiberglass floats from Valley View RC and powered with Evolution 15 gas engine. It also has
lighting for night flying.



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