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Jon's Model Aircraft Pages


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                      I got bit by the model aircraft bug in 1992.  Of course, immediately got my father and my
                      father-in-law involved in the hobby. My father and I enjoyed building together until he passed
                      away in May of 1997.  I have continued to enjoy the hobby.  My brother Bill in South Carolina
                      came out for a visit and I got him hooked.  He enjoyed flying my modified 60 size trainer so
                      much, I bought one for him with all the accessories and sent it to him for a Christmas present. 
                      I have all different sizes of airplanes, but am moving more in the direction of mostly giant scale. 
                      Being a sport flyer, I enjoy going to fly-ins and events with my friends in a non-competitive
                      atmosphere.  I'm proud to share some photos of my planes (past and present) and such with you. 
                      I am a former member of Cordova Model Masters in Clarksburg, California and Diablo Valley
                      Radio Controllers in
Pittsburg, California. I'm currently Webmaster of Delta Valley Modelers in
                      Stockton, California, President of Chapter 24, IMAA, a AMA Leader Member, and AMA Contest
                      Director. I'm also a member of Gold Country Flyers in Ione, CA and Tokay Radio Control Modelers
                      in Walnut Grove, CA


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This airplane is called the Answer.    I painted these to match my wife (Billie's) Truck  72" wingspan, Quadra Q-35 gas engine, 14 lbs. with TME smoke system and whistles in the wingtips.  This plane was a good way to break into giant scale gas powered airplanes without the big expense. It  flies nice!

                                                                                                          Moth.jpg (37453 bytes)                                    suk.jpg (45158 bytes)                                                                     

On the left is a 1/5 scale Dehaviland DH-82 Tiger Moth, 66" wingspan, Laser 100 4 stroke, TME Smoke system, Gentle and slow.  I spent 16 months building it.     On the right is a Modeltech Sukhoi SU-29, 61" wing, O.S. 91 4 stroke w/onboard glow, Awesome aerobatics.  Unfortunately, the Sukhoi met it's demise because of radio failure after many flights and a lot of fun.  I have a 1/3 Scale SU-26 from Zimpro in Tennessee waiting to be built.  That will appear here in the near future.


                                                                                                          Islander Twin.JPG (66265 bytes)                                     P-40e.jpg (84427 bytes)                              

On the left is a Cermark Islander Twin, 72" wingspan, 2 - OS  .26 4 strokes, Flies very stable; like a trainer.  On the right is a  TopFlite P-40E Warhawk, 63" wing, Supertigre 90 2 stroke, Century Jet retracts, Very scale.  My father built the P-40E and Vince and I painted it.  I added panel lines and rivets.  It has not been flown yet.  These photos were taken at Buchanan Field in Concord, California during an airshow event.


                                                                                            pitts.jpg (77663 bytes)                     jonand_pitts.jpg (136516 bytes)                      spcwlkr.JPG (43995 bytes)

On the left is a 1/3 scale Byron Pitts, 68" wingspan, 19 lbs.,  Quadra Q-50, Great aerobatics.  It was built by the late Don Wareham.  Don was a long time member of DVRC and he taught me how to fly.  He was a meticulous builder and pilot.   The center photo was a recent surprise.  It was taken a couple of years ago by Roger Grothier at Merwin Ranch in Courtland, California.  It was emailed to me from my good friend Rick Maida.  It is a very nice shot.  Unfortunately, the Pitts was lost in a crash not long after that photo.  On the right is a 1/3 scale Sig Spacewalker, 104" wingspan, 20 lbs., Zenoah G-38, Easy to fly; lands by itself.   My father built the frame work and we covered and trimmed it out together.  This photo was taken at an IMAA meet in Richmond, California and appeared in High Flight Magazine as well as some videos at various IMAA events.  The Spacewalker is now about 10 years old and has been well maintained along with some repainting and flown a lot.  It is still my favorite of all my planes.  The Zenoah G-38 hauls it around quite well and runs exceptional, thanks to my dear friend Earl Bolton.  Earl seems to be a whiz when it comes to engines. 


                                                                                           drgnldy1.jpg (57416 bytes)                    drgnldy2.jpg (66798 bytes)                   drgnldy3.jpg (63061 bytes)

This is my Modeltech Dragon Lady.  It has a 66" wingspan and weighs 10 lbs.  It is powered with a OS 160 twin 4 stroke engine.  When I first built her, she had a Saito 130 twin for power. Yes, those are real cylinders sticking out of the cowl.  It is covered with Monokote in a variation of the FlyBaby trim scheme.  It flies like a dream.  The Dragon Lady is known for not having any bad habits and this one lives up to that claim very well.  The engine sounds magnificent on a nice slow low pass.   It is fast and aerobatic; almost unlimited vertical.




                                                                                  Cap232-1.jpg (83681 bytes)        Cap232-2.jpg (95712 bytes)        Cap232-3.jpg (88811 bytes)        Cap232-4.jpg (80159 bytes)

This is my 1/4 scale Hangar 9 Cap 232.   73" wingspan and weight 16 lbs.  It is a little heavier than advertised because I had to be different.  It is powered with a Fox 2.4 ci gas engine.  It turns a Mejzlik 20X8 prop at 7800 rpm on the ground.  Over 20 lbs of thrust for a 16 lb airplane.  Vertical is NOT a problem!  I'm using Futaba 9304 servos for the ailerons and JR 4721 servos on the rudder and elevator. My choice of purchase was the all white ARF version and then bought the Pepsi graphics from my friend Charles at CFC Graphics.  I'm very pleased with this airplane.  It looks great and flies awesome.  It has appeared all over on various websites and publications.  It was featured on the Fox Manufacturing Company website, CFC Graphics website and a photo of it was published in the Spring Issue of  the Horizon Hobby quarterly catalog along with many other Horizon issues.

                                                                                                        CFCGraphics.jpg (24226 bytes)



                                                                                                                                               Merwin Ranch.jpg (84938 bytes)                                                              

This photo was taken at Merwin Ranch in Courtland, California during the Gene Hughes Memorial Fly-in on May 12, 2001.  We are obviously in deep thought over something.  I can think of many captions for this photo.

                                                                                       F4U1.JPG (132004 bytes)      F4U2.JPG (129448 bytes)      F4U3.JPG (119376 bytes)      F4U4.JPG (120804 bytes)              

This is my first giant scale warbird.  It is a 1/6 scale Byron Corsair.  I purchased the plane after it was crashed and rebuilt it.   It turned out pretty good.  It has Robart retracts and a Precision Eaglet 4.2 gas engine on the original Byron Purr Power mount.  It is not quite ready to fly at the point the photos were taken.  We did run the engine to see how it would do and we were very impressed.  It idles down to 1200 rpm and high end turned a 22 X 6-10 zinger prop at 7800 rpm.  What a powerhouse!  The Corsair should be at about 30 lbs. finished weight, but the 4.2 should haul it around quite nicely.  I will add more warbirds to the collection with my Ziroli Hellcat and NWHT Bearcat.

                                                                                                           JonFlying.JPG (82051 bytes)                                         JonRF60H.JPG (90508 bytes)                             

It is nice to go out and enjoy the day with my local club members.  Here I am burning some holes in the sky on a Saturday afternoon.  I am flying the plane on the right.  It is a Right Flyer 60H ARF trainer.  71" semi-symmetrical wing.  I have removed 1/2 of the dihedral in the wing to make it more aerobatic and better for inverted flying. Very nice flying airplane.  It is powered with an O.S. 91 4 stroke (the same engine that powered the Sukhoi above, which met with an untimely demise) and it provides plenty of power with a 13X8 Master Airscrew Scimitar prop.  It is still a good trainer.  My brother, Bill, came to visit and after 3 evenings on my Great Planes RealFlight simulator, we took out this plane and he was taking off and landing it in 3 1/2 hours.  Imagine that!


                                                                                                           Hummel.JPG (197806 bytes)                                        jonhummel.JPG (157619 bytes)

I am getting into electric flight also.  This is good for relaxation and maintaining noise levels at a minimum.  This is a Hummel by Multiplex.  It comes as an ARF.  Just add motor, servos and the rest of the gear and go fly.  I have a 480 with 3:1 gear drive and 9X6 prop and a 1700mAh 9.6volt flight pack.  It weighs in at 30 oz.  Very nicely built and flies great.  I also bought another wing for it and added ailerons and now it is really cool.                                                                                                                                 


My Workshop


        planeshop1.jpg (48357 bytes)          planeshop2.jpg (38171 bytes)          planeshop3.jpg (39788 bytes)          


        planeshop4.jpg (36438 bytes)          planeshop5.jpg (39269 bytes)          planeshop6.jpg (68374 bytes)         

 I have always loved working with tools. As an early teenager I was the "man" of the house, fixing things as they broke around the house. Over time, I built up quite a workshop that became the hangout for my friends. But nothing has compared to the workshop I have built since becoming involved with model airplanes. The photos you see above depict my workshop. It’s more like a small apartment: 22 X 30 feet, air-conditioning, heating, industrial tile floor, refrigerator (for the occasional beverage and CA glue), TV/VCR, stereo, coffee pot, microwave, telephone and an intercom. There are cabinets with plenty of counter/bench top space and 22 drawers, in addition to a 4 X 8 foot work island with electrical outlets. This island has substantial under cabinet storage and drawers topped with a 4 X 8 foot solid core door. The shop features a 4 X 15 foot walk-in storage closet and a 2 X 16 foot closet with bi-fold doors for additional storage. My field box, chargers, and various engines are shown in the photograph above stored in the closet with the doors open. Another photo shows the walk-in closet where covering, paint and woods are stored. Electrical outlets are in abundance, bench tops, along walls, on the ceiling over the work island…….even in the closets! To perform airbrush details on the aircraft and to blow off dust from the work areas, I have plumbed in an airline from the compressor in the RV garage to the workshop. All major painting is completed in our 16 X 50 foot RV garage. The workshop has a double entry door to facilitate loading/unloading of the aircraft and equipment. It features plenty of windows, skylights and fluorescent lighting and actually has a ladder that leads to an attic where future projects are stored. I’ve always said, a man’s castle is his workshop!

Models Under Construction  

Update 1-24-2020

My Portable Hangers

Shopping for the right trailer can be an experience.  It's like the perfect house, you never really get there.  My first trailer was a nice 6 X 12 Wells Cargo as in the photo below.  It worked very well until I expanded my fleet and their physical size.  After 5 years with the Wells Cargo, it was time to upgrade to a slightly larger trailer.  I thought a 8X14 foot with extended width and roof height would do the trick.  So, I factory ordered one to custom specs from Continental Cargo and it turned out to be a monster (in a good way).  Now I have lots of room as you can see.  The interior seems to be very convenient and spacious. I sold the Continental Cargo in California and bought a Car Hauler for the cars. Once we moved to Tennessee, I realized the Car Hauler is too much trailer for just planes. I factory ordered a Rock Solid 7X14 trailer. It is very nice. I have installed a 100W solar panel and it keeps the battery topped off for charging, lights, fans, etc.


* * * AIRPLANE CLEANER * * *                          

Have you been looking for a good cleaner for your airplanes?  I have a formula that can be mixed from inexpensive products found anywhere.  It cuts grease, oil, castor and will not harm your finish. It does not leave a film...just a nice shine! If you would like a copy of my formula, just mail $2.00 with a self addressed/stamped envelope (SASE) to:

Cleaner Formula

500 Milky Way Drive

Pulaski, Tennessee 38478-7557


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