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 I studied hard and received my Novice Call - KA6NVZ in
September of 1980.  Continuing with my studies, I upgraded
to Advanced class in Early 1982.  I have set up 2 nice amateur
radio stations in my previous homes and have now started to
build yet another after 7 years.  I will update as I go.


This was my first radio station.  It consisted of a 40 foot
guyed tower and a Wilson SY-33 3-element tri-band yagi. The
radio equipment was a Yaesu FT-101E with matching speaker
and the
Electro-voice 634A gooseneck microphone with the Heil HC-3 element.
Also a J.C. Penney model 6241
SSB citizens band radio converted
to 10 meters.




In 1989, we moved to a new home and I upgraded my equipment
as shown in the photo of my QSL card and the photo below it with
 a closer look at the equipment.  This included a Kenwood TS-140S
and a nice mil-spec RF amplifier running a pair of 4-400s.  My
antenna was a Mosley Pro-67A on a US 55 foot crank up tower. I have
a few photos captured from some old video footage from Christmas
of 1989 when our old evening group from 3.815 did a video of about
20 of us and our humble domains.




I have now been upgrading my station and setting up again in 2006.  This
photo is of my shack as it exists.  It is built into a closet in my airplane
workshop so I can enjoy both hobbies in the same location.  The radio on
the right in my Kenwood TS-950s.  On the left is the 4-400 amplifier. 
In the center is the Yaesu FT-857D.  Other misc. helps to clutter up
the desk as well. 

Currently, I am operating entirely with 25 year old dipoles on HF
(15m, 20m, 40m, 75m) at 40ft with a Solarcon IMAX 2000 vertical on
top that covers 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m.  Also in the photo is a Hy-Gain
8-element vertical yagi for 2 meters and a homebrew 3-element
horizontal 6 meter yagi. These antennas work excellent for a very
small investment and a little ingenuity.


This is a nice 40 foot tower, Imax 2000 at 68 feet and a Maco M103,
3-element beam for 10 meters at 42 feet.  They both have a flat SWR
and I am very impressed with that outcome.  I'll be testing it out as
time and conditions permit.


It seems the desk I bought to install in the closet was not very
sturdy as is sagged with all the weight of my equipment.  I was
concerned about coming out to the shack one day only to find the
desk had given up on me.  In order to avoid a potential disaster, I
made some sketches and took them to a friend in the ornamental
iron business.  He custom built this rack/desk to my specs and had
it powder-coated.  Here are the photos to show my new setup.










We had some decent DX openings recently and I had
a very nice QSO with Serge, RX3XX in Russia.  Serge
was kind enough to email me a sound bite from our QSO
that evening.  Click on the link below to hear what I
sound like from Russia.

N6ELO as recorded by RX3XX


We had I recently picked up an old Kenwood TS-711A
2 meter All-Mode rig and a Turner Super Sidekick
desk microphone.  I refurbished the microphone and
it works great on the TS-711. Everyone says it has
great audio.





To further enhance my station and add to my microphone collection
I recently picked up this old Alrad pill style microphone. After
dismantling it and cleaning and adjusting, here it is.  My friend
Gary - K6SP added a bit of broadcast station class by making me
a flag to place on the top. Good audio too.



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