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              October 6, 2013 - I've been busy with other stuff for the last few weeks, but this week, I was able to make
              more good progress. All of the sheet metal on the front is now tight and adjusted. I was able to install the grill
              bars, parking lights, headlight buckets, horns and firewall to inner fender well brackets. the front wheels are
              back on and they really look great. I just love the wheels and tires and you just don't see them much. So many
              have gone with modern wheels, but these are the bomb! Next on the agenda is to get the rest of the stainless
              trim on them on to firewall pad, wipers, pedal assembly and wiring.


                               October 20, 2013 - Today was busy and productive. Last week, I started to fit the bumpers but forgot the
              side braces. Today, I installed the braces and tightened up the bumpers. The tail light housings, license plate
              lights in the rear bumper, antenna, beltline stainless trim on the doors and some rubber grommets and clips in
              the engine compartment as well as the horn relay. The top of the radiator support had gotten banged around at
              the other shop and needed some attention. I repainted the top.  Another thing that needed some attention, was
              on the differential. The metal hold downs for the top rubber bumpers had some rust. They have now been cleaned
              repainted and reinstalled.


              November 17, 2013 - It has been a while since the last update because there was not much to share with photos
              as I have been wiring the car.  I did install the firewall pad and the Raingear windshield wiper system.  It is
              slick and will work really nice if needed. I have also started with the wiring.  The main harness is in under the
              dashboard and the tail section has been installed. Today, I finished up the tail lights, turn signals, license plate
              lights, and installed the optional back-up lights. I also have a switch to attach to the Muncie 4-speed to turn on
              the back-up lights when shifted into reverse. All the wires are wrapped with tape that looks like electrical tape
              without the adhesive. The wiring harness door sill covers turned out nice as well. It turned out very nice and when
              I tested the system, all the lights work perfect. I also prepped for a rear speaker and third brake light trunk
              emblem for later. Just as an additional add for the photos, I thought the license plates should be on too. I'll
              post more photos on the wiring in the trunk when I install the mat next weekend.



                               November 24, 2013 - This has become a Sunday event and seems to work out good.  Today the trunk is now
              complete with rubber mat.  I may add other enhancements later, but have not decided what as of yet. It looks
              as it is. I also wired the headlights, parking lights and horns.  The harness is neatly in place in the stock location
              and really coming out nice. The American Wire kit does not include any of the connectors to replace the original
              ones that clip on the inner fenders.  Fortunately, I kept the old harness and have removed the plugs. I removed
              the old wires and connectors from the housing and soaking the plastic housings in soapy water. I'll pick up new
              connector sets and tie all the wires together on the next trip. Once I get the headlights adjusted, the bezels
              can be installed.


              November 26, 2013 - Today was engine harness day.  Engine is wired for the most part, starter, coil, alternator,
              etc.  I can finish up the loose ends once I install the alternator, distributor, coil, battery.


                              January 20, 2014 - I have not updated the project for the last two months, but I have made some significant
             progress.  I have been wiring, adding engine accessories, completing the dash and firewall area. I have installed
             the heater, steering column, pedal assembly and dash components. Testing as I go to make sure everything is
             wired correctly and that it works.  Today, I finished the stainless trim.  All that is left is the paint dividers on
             the rear quarter. Then on to insulate the doors and quarters and start installing the windows and door mechanisms
             to prepare for interior. These photos were from my cell phone, so they are not great. I'll get more next weekend.
             Also to note, the photo of the driver side shows white under the door on the rocker panel. That is only paper to
             protect the paint.

             February 1, 2014 - Today was was just for better photos as I took friends up to look at the progress.  These are
             much better photos of the dash and also now with the paint dividers. I deleted the other photos above as they were
             not good.



                             March 2, 2014 - Well, I spent my 59th birthday working on this project...and it was a good day, actually the entire
             weekend was good and I got stuff done. The alternator, fan belt, distributor coil and spark plugs are in. I also put
             it on the rack and installed the transmission, Hurst shifter and driveline. Plug wires, carburetor and battery is about
             all that is left and we can start this baby up.



                            March 9, 2014 - This weekend went as well as I could have expected.  I bought my sears Diehard battery and
             installed it to test the electrical system.  I had tested every segment as it was completed but it still made me a
             little nervous. All the fuses were installed and the battery cables hooked up. No smoke or sparks was good. We
             checked everything and it all is perfect as it should be. Today, it was time for the big test. Let's start this
             baby. My friend Matt had a set of old mufflers to bolt on. The flanges do not match perfect, but kept the noise
             to a minimum. I added water to the radiator and gas to the tank. We also used Matt's new pneumatic pre-oiler
             before I turned it over.  The moment of truth... I cranked it a bit to get gas to the carburetor. Hooked up the
             coil wire and it fired right away. It spit and sputtered a but and ran rough. I instantly new what it was. I checked
             the spark plug wires three times on Saturday during the installation and checked them the fourth time today to find
             I had # 4 and 6 crossed.  Reversed them and it fired right up. Once we got it up to temperature (180 deg) we set
             the timing to 12 deg BTDC. It sounds good and mean.  I have waited 40 years to have an engine that sounds like
             this and I'm happy.  I have added a photo of the engine compartment and a video of the engine running after setting
             the timing. Click on the Chevy Logo.  Oh...yeah!


                              March 23, 2014 - I tailored it to The Muffler Shop in Yuba City on Thursday, March 20th and Lonnie and the guys
              installed my exhaust system.  It has the "H" pipe configuration with two Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers. We ran the
              tailpipes all the way to the rear with nice chrome tips just under the corners on the bumper (photo 2 & 5). It sounds
              great...check out the video. This weekend, I put in window fur channels, wing /vent windows and the side glass
              (doors and quarters). I also installed the insulation on the roof. Next Saturday will be installing the remainder of the
              insulation on the floor and the tack strip. That afternoon, I will trailer it to the upholstery shop for interior and front
              and back glass. The last photo is the "Proud Papa" photo.




                               April 12, 2014 - It has been at the upholstery shop for fitting my Ciadella interior package.  We went up to take a
              look today to see progress.  It is coming along well.  It won't be long now. The front and back window is also in. I
              added a couple photos of the completed engine compartment with the brake booster and master cylinder.




                               April 17, 2014 - I visited the upholstery shop today to see the progress and it is done.  I'll pick it up on
              Saturday and take it to the shop for touch up and final body adjustment.


              May 3, 2014 - I brought it home Thursday evening. I tinkered around with it today working out some small
              bugs. I replace the gas gauge as the almost 60 year old one needs to be rebuilt. Also made some minor
              adjustments and took some photos with my matching varsity jacket. We are about ready for cruising.



             June 15, 2014 - We have now taken the car to four shows and it has been fun talking with people about cars.
             This weekend, we attended Peggy Sue's Car Show and Cruise in Santa Rosa, CA.  They had 1,000 cars and it
             was excellent.  There are so many 55 Chevys entered, they have their own judging class. A lot of beautiful
             cars to compete with. I received 1st Place in 55 Chevy modified class. The car that took best in show was a
             55 Nomad with the same color. He and I had big smiles as the judges obviously liked the Regal Turquoise.


             July 4, 2014 - Today we entered the Walnut Grove 4th of July Parade and took grand prize for the second
             year in a row. Note we are dressed in period garb and we did a fire drill in front of the judges stand to seal
             the deal.   



             April 3, 2016 - We have been enjoying cruising and showing in California, but we moved to Tennessee and we
             have new registration and 1955 YOM Tennessee plates.



             January 26, 2020 - Updates include the installation of a Camaro T5 5-speed transmission. The overdrive gear makes
             it nice for cruises as the Muncie was too low geared. We also added a Classic Auto Air system and heat and air is
             perfectly comfortable for cruising.


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