July 7, 2013 - Of course...we get ready to paint and we get a heat wave. That was last week. This is today
              and the painting process has begun.  The photo below is of the inside of the hood.  Imagine what the rest of
              the car will look like. Just also added photos of rear window frames and more.



                     July 29, 2013 - We took another pause.  The paint store mixed the first batch of paint incorrectly.  My
              painter was not comfortable with the color and wanted my opinion before proceeding. As is turned out, the
              color and paint job was gorgeous.  Unfortunately, it was not the correct color we were going for.  It was
              several shades too light.  The paint had to be remixed and all of the work on the small most difficult parts
              had to be re-blasted, primed and repainted.  Today, I received the following photos.  This is now the correct
              color on the large parts.  The photos are from inside the paint booth and then in the afternoon sunlight. The
              paint is smooth and shiny...looks like candy as promised.  One step closer to assembly is just around the corner.




                               August 4, 2013 - We have more progress as the body is painted with turquoise.  There are shots of the sides,
              door jambs, dash, and firewall.  Wow!!


                                August 5, 2013 - Ivory is looking good also.


                                August 6, 2013 - The unmasking/unveiling of the new beauty. And the third photo is after color sanding and polishing.
              The only thing left to paint is the inside of the trunk. Tomorrow I will take a trip there with a truckload of parts
              and pieces to begin some basic assembly of doors, front fenders, grill, etc.  More to follow as the reassembly steps



                               August 8, 2013 - Today I went up to the shop to spend the day starting to assemble the this beautiful project. We
              installed the weather stripping on the doors, set the engine back in, connected the clutch linkage, installed the
              steering box, connected the fuel line, and installed the cable and pulleys for the parking break. I also installed the
              various rubber plugs and grommets in the door jambs and firewall to include the rubber cowl to hood strip.





                               August 18, 2013 - Today the trunk lid underside and inside trunk was painted.  Not much left to do before we
              start back on the assembly.  The third photo is of a new item we have added to our collection. We decided it
              would not be good to haul this beauty around on the flat bed trailer.  I ordered this a couple of months ago
              just picked it up at the factory in Oregon on Friday. It sure does look awesome behind the truck and it will
              look great behind the motorhome as well.


                                August 18, 2013 - More progress on the details that will make this car stand out from so many others. This is
              when we take things a little slower to ensure everything is right. I have seen so many cars that have not been
              given the extra attention during this process and some things are so obvious. The hood is now reassembled and
              the top side is painted. As you can see in the second photo, we used the fake rivets that are intended for the
              front grill bar assembly. They polished up very nice and add a little contrast to the Regal Turquoise paint. The
              inside of the front fenders are now undercoated.  Tomorrow is time to reassemble the front end.


              August 24, 2013 - Time for another update.  The car is assembled as far as the painting project goes. I will
              start working on it after the holiday weekend.  First order of business is installing the stainless steel trim, grill
              and emblems. 


              September 8, 2013 - I spent the last two days working on the assembly. I was able to get a fair amount done
              on several areas.  The trunk latch parts were re-cleaned, painted and assembled. I put in the lock cylinder and
              rear emblems. The wheels look great on the rear as shown from the side view and the rear to see the stance.
              The new disc brake units needed some attention from sitting for three years and got some surface rust.  I media
              blasted the parts and painted the calipers. The front end looks good with the bumper brackets, fender script
              hood bird and emblem. The front sheet metal is loose but has all of the bolts and screws in place and ready to
              tighten everything down while make final adjustments to the alignment of the parts. The camera had some spots
              on the lens. Everything is dusty but it is a shop environment and it will clean up nice.  As you can see in various
              photos, there is still saran wrap that need to be removed from the frame.






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