April 1, 2013 - Well here we are with the body back on the rotisserie.  The trunk lid and latch assembly and door
             latches will be installed to keep everything from flopping around. The underside is to be sandblasted again to
             determine if there is anything that needs correcting.  Then it will be repainted and ready to start cutting the
             sheet metal panels.


                               April 17, 2013 - I have received more photos of progress.  The bottom has now been blasted to remove the
              undercoating done at Stockton Street Machines. As you can see in the photos, there is some additional work to
              to be done to correct problems caused by excessive grinding and holes filled with all metal to cover up bad 
              welding. A couple days work and some new undercoat will take care of the mess.


              April 22, 2013 - I have more photos today.  The project is really moving now like it should have two and a
              half years ago.  The photos show the welding is done on the underside.  It was epoxy primer coated and
              painted with undercoating. We used the Shake and Shoot bed liner kit  The frame was cleaned, engine
              removed, saran wrapped for overspray protection and the body is now back on the frame. Front fenders
              are bolted on and resetting gaps. Tomorrow, I'll go for a visit to check out the clearance needs for the
              rear wheels and tires, since the sheet metal is still to be removed and replaced on the rear quarters. We
              will also work on some estimations of total cost to finish this previously botched job.




              April 28, 2013 - I have photos for this week. The outer rocker panels and rear sheet metal has bee removed.
              It looks like it needs some additional attention.  The inner fenders and wheel well areas have some rust. After
              rust removal, patching, and seam sealer a good coat of epoxy primer and it is looking like new again.


                              May 10, 2013 - Photos of an update.  The driver side quarter is on.  The rear wheel was put on to check
              clearance. The photo shows from the floor looking up.  There is about one inch of clearance and it is looking
              great.  I wish I would have taken the car to this guy in the first place.


              May 29, 2013 - Photos of another update. I went to look at it Monday on the holiday.  The replaced sheet
              metal is on and you cannot tell it was ever done. The job is moving right along and it should be painted by
              the middle of June and I can start assembly.  It is getting to the final primer stages.





                               June 22, 2013 - Photos of more progress. The car sat for a while to allow all the primers and fillers to cure
              and it is time for block sanding. It is coming out real nice and we should be spraying some color on Tuesday or
              Wednesday of next week.



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