October 16, 2011 - Yesterday, we test fitted the wheels and tires. I've been concerned about clearance
         issues to the inside of the rear fender wells. As it turns out, we have about 1 inch of clearance which is
         plenty.  With the mini-tubbing and narrowed rear end housing, there is enough for about 15 inch tires. Of
         course, these are the tires and wheels I dreamed about when I was a teen.  They are U.S. Indy slots
         from the 70s.  The fronts are 8 inches wide with Mickey Thompson Sportsman radials P255/60R15.  The
         rear wheels are 8.5 inches with Mickey Thompson Sportsman radials P295/50R15.  It makes the car look
         great with that 70s hot rod look.


                     December 17, 2011 - I got some more progress photos today.  They have worked more on the trunk area
         and started block sanding.  The areas where the new panels were welded in have some extra attention as well.



                    March 23, 2012 - Another step in the process was to try a fairly new process to achieve rust repair without
          bondo or fiberglass.  It is a process where zinc is melted and vaporized to use as a sort of paint to repair
          rust spots with metal.  The repair ends up just like the original metal and ready for primer.


                       May 3, 2012 - Another step in the process now has the door hinges, lower front fender sections sandblasted
          and the entire is ready for complete primer.  Then it will be on to mock up assembly and block sanding.


                        May 4, 2012 - We have had some major progress this last week.  All parts are primed, the inside of the trunk
           is done, tail lights which are difficult to get right are looking great.  Now for assembly for mock up and block
           sanding. More paint is not far off at this point.


                         May 6, 2012 - We have had some more progress today.  The trunk lid, doors and passenger front fender is on
           for necessary adjustment.


                          May 30, 2012 - We have had some major progress this week. Marc is very meticulous when it comes to the gaps
            and spacing.  It is really looking great.  Now for finishing the body work on the fenders and ready for primer.
            The excitement is really building as we are really close to paint. This will be a great car when it is complete.


             November 15, 2012 - Well here we have had some major setbacks once again.  I've been struggling through the
            project now for almost two and a half years with Stockton Street Machines.  After every possible reason for their
            failing to get this project complete, they finally closed their doors and nothing has been done for months. I was
            able to pick it up and bring it home.  I'm so disappointed in myself for allowing this to go on so long. I was
            trying to be a nice guy and help keep him in business to get my car finished. I did not get what I contracted and
            paid for at this point and he has once again promised he will finish it.


                                                       February 5, 2013

          Well here we are with a good start into the third year of a nine month project.  The great body and paint guy I had
            working on my car is now a closed chapter.  Marc Sorensen formerly of Stockton Street Machines was still dragging
            his feet and finding one excuse after another so I have moved on.  I found another body and paint shop to finish the
            car.  I proudly took the car to them thinking it would be a snap for them to finish it up and get it painted. I could see
            light at the end of the tunnel on this project until the wind was quickly taken out of my sails. When I brought the vehicle
            home in November, I stored it in the driveway with a cover on it.  The weather we have had with rain, fog, freezing
            temperatures has not helped, but what we found did not happen in two months.  The car is a mess.  There is rust
            showing through in places that astounded me.  The turquoise paint had some rust showing through. The body had
            bondo in rust holes that should have been cut out and replaced. The places that were welded were a mess and where
            they got too deep with the grinder and made holes and thin spots and then used bondo to cover it.  The welded metal
            was not properly treated and was rusting under the primer. The metal was not sealed and the moisture got to it even
            in the Stockton shop as it was not temperature controlled. He could barely pay the rent let alone heat. Further looking
            at the sides of the car behind the doors we had replaced sheet metal panels.  The welding job was bad and it warped
            the fenders. The driver side was so bad, it was 3/4" away from the inner rear fender. I don't know how I did not see
            that.  There was a lot of bondo to try to smooth out the warped areas.  The rocker panels were full of holes and
            should have been replaced, not bondo patched. I could go on and on but what's the use at this point.  I paid a lot of
            money to this guy and bought a lot of replacement sheet metal that is now no good and must be replaced. The photos
            below show the car in the re-do stage.  The first two photos show just after the body was removed from the frame,
            and cleaned up. The next two photos show the car when it returned from the media blaster. You can see the holes
            and mess on the driver side. The remaining photos are of it in the black epoxy primer/sealer inside and out. This
            is the way it should have been done two and a half years ago.



            Now to move on with the project, we are buying more sheet metal. We will replace both of the full rear quarters, the
            inside tail light to trunk pieces on both sides, the trunk tail pan, both outer rocker panels and both headlight buckets.
            This project has been quite an emotional roller coaster for me for some time and I cannot count the number of times I
            have wanted to scrap the entire project and walk away.  This has been a life long dream from my childhood and teen
            years and I would like to see it through. I also know I'm not the only guy that has had these experiences as there
            have been many others walk before me.


             Next update should be better and happier news......    




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