October 31, 2010 - Well it has been raining and we are approaching that time of the year.  I decided it was time
         to rearrange the garage and bring everything inside to protect it and make it easier to work on.  Once that was done
         I installed the engine, transmission, fuel pump, starter, clutch linkage, and lower inspection covers on the bell housing.
         Now we are talkin' is looking really good.



                    December 3, 2010 - Today, I dropped off some additional sheet metal replacement parts at the body shop.  While
         there I figured it would be good to get some progress photos.  Paint is being stripped off and new parts will be
         welded in place.  I will not meet my original deadline of Christmas, but hopefully soon after we can start the painting


                    December 11, 2010 - More progresses as the rusted panels are being replaced.  The new steel panels are very nice
         and the metal is the same gage. The guys make it look like a simple process and it is coming out really good. This
         shows the driver and passenger quarters with a new surface.



                    December 24, 2010 - More progresses at the body shop.  I delivered the rolling chassis to the body shop to give them
         something to measure for the custom body work. As you can see in the photos, the body is on the rotisserie and coming
         along nicely. The rear trunk area is about done and the outer fender sections are looking good.  Now to replace some
         braces and then on to the widening of the wheel wells.


                    January 25, 2011 - Additional progresses at the body shop. More rust abatement and sandblasting.  It is looking a
         bit better as we go.  The doors, front fenders, hood and trunk lid have also been blasted and ready for a coat of
         primer. The firewall is looking very nice and ready for some primer as well.


                    January 30, 2011 - This weekend was tinkering with the inner front fenders. Remember the first photo from earlier
         when I was dismantling the car. The inner fenders looked like they were in bad looking condition.  After sandblasting
         and powder coating, they look much better.  I worked on them this weekend to attach all of the anti-squeak gaskets
         with weather-strip adhesive.  Now when it is set up solid in a few days, I will drill from the rear side through the
         original staple holes and replace the staples. This prep work will save time for later during final assembly.


                   February 4, 2011 - I received some update photos from the body shop today.  He is cutting out more rust spots and
        replacing them with sheet metal as you can see in the photos.


                   February 21, 2011 - I got a few more photos today.  Slowly, but surely...still welding in pieces.


                    February 27, 2011 - Today I finished the anti-squeak gaskets and rubber pieces on the fender wells.  Everything
         is now glued with 3M weather strip adhesive and wire staples as were used in 1955.





         April 26, 2011 - There have been a few setbacks on the project, but now it is rolling along again.  The welding
         of the replacement sheet metal on the underside is complete and Corroseal has been applied to encapsulate the
         surface rust and create primer.  The mini-tub is well underway and close to completion.  It is now getting closer
         to primer stage.



         June 6, 2011 - The project is moving at a good pace now.  The above photos are showing the undercoating of
         the body. The sheet metal work is complete for this portion. The photos show braces we have replaced with
         smooth work and no visible welds.  Photo 4 is one of the mini-tubs and it shows no modifications either.


                     August 31, 2011 - Today I received these photos from the body shop.  The main body has been primed with
          epoxy primer on the outside.  The inside will be primed with urethane primer.  There is still a lot to be done
          before paint as the trunk area needs final touches and sanding of the mini-tub work.  The front fenders still
          need sheet metal work and brackets. It is taking shape and the workmanship is nice.   



                     September 27, 2011 - Today I received these photos from the body shop. The Regal Turquoise metallic
         made to factory specifications is looking great.  This is the firewall and dashboard.  Now that this is
         painted, we can mount the body on the newly refurbished chassis. Then to finish the final touches on the
         body and final sanding and we will be ready for the entire paint job.


                   October 3, 2011 - This evening was a treat.  I went to the body shop and we cut the hole in the floor
         for the Hurst shifter and then we set the body on the new rubber mounts on the frame.  It's beginning
         to look more like a car all the time.





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