July 17, 2010 - The gas tank is removed, parking brake assembly removed and the car (what's left) loaded on my newly
       refinished trailer and ready for the trip to the body shop on Sunday to separate the body from the frame.  Then I can
       take the frame home and disassemble it.  I feel like a proud papa taking my baby in to have it renewed. Update: We
       did not have the manpower to remove the body, but did remove the remainder of the stainless trim.


                July 22, 2010 -This just in from the body shop (Stockton Street Machines) and the body and frame have parted ways
       until another time in the near future. The frame is ready to come home for disassembly and complete restoration to
       include powder coating the frame and upper and lower A-arms in satin black.


                July 27, 2010 -Today the chrome pieces and stainless steel trim was dropped of to Custom Chrome and Bumper to be
       treated to a better than original show quality finish.  We also added on the front guard rail on the car hauler to prevent
       the car from rolling too far forward on the deck.  As seen in the tow photos above, the frame is home to be dismantled.
       It looks really good.  It has some surface rust, but will clean up nicely with some sand blasting.  Time to get going...



        August 15, 2010 -This weekend, I finished dismantling the frame components, including the rear end, upper and lower
        a-arms and spindles.  Everything is now ready to go in for powder coating.  Just before delivery to the powder coater,
        the frame is being modified with the leaf spring pocket relocation kit as shown in the last  two photos. This will allow
        for wider tires and wheels.



                  August 28, 2010 - The newly powder coated frame and other pieces to the car came home from the powder coater last
        evening.  The rolling chassis will be assembled right here on the driveway - weather permitting.



        September 4, 2010 - As shown in the photos, the spindles are modified for disc brakes and ready for installation. The
        a-arms are bolted in place and ready to install the coil springs and shocks. Then once the leaf springs were compressed,
        the spindles were bolted in and shock absorbers were installed.  That was a back breaker with the coil spring install.  I
        have washed some dust off for the photos.



        September 5, 2010 - Today is time to reassemble the steering parts and install.  Once that was completed, I have
        installed the hubs, disc brakes and hoses.  It is coming along very well.  The disc brake assembly is from MGChevy,
        Mike Garcia from LA area.  He is a great guy to deal with and his conversion is easy to assemble.


               September 18, 2010 - I bought this rear end about 4 years ago.  The housing was narrowed 2 inches on each side
        and has a 4:11 posi-traction with Dutchman heavy duty axles. The work was done by Tom Taylor of Diamond Springs.
        It is now bolted in place with the leaf spring pockets and new 5 leaf springs.  I'm working on some brackets to install
        traction bars.


                  September 22, 2010 - The chrome and stainless is complete and at home waiting for installation.  The third photo
        is of one of the tail light bezels.  It looks real nice.  I unwrapped a few other pieces to check them.  Custom
        Chrome and Bumper in Yuba City promised me a show quality chrome job and judging from what I saw so far, is
        spot on. The coolest part of the whole trip was when I got there this evening, they were just finishing up a couple
        of my pieces.  The owners took me on a nickel tour and when it was time to finish one of my bumper guards, they
        allowed me to plate it myself.  I lowered it into the chromatic acid, hit the switch and removed it about 90 seconds
        later to find the finished chrome plating...beautiful man!  Now I can say I even did some of my own chrome plating for
        this project.


        October 9, 2010 - Well after taking a 2 week vacation in the motorhome, it is now time to get back to the project. I
        completed the installation of the rear suspension to include the narrowed rear end, 5 leaf springs, traction bars and
        rear shocks with frame shock mount.  The rear brake line and parking brake cable is installed and the differential is
        filled with gear oil and ready to roll.  I guess it rained a bit while we were gone as the frame has dust and water spots
        that need to be cleaned off.  


         October 17, 2010 - I was able to install the new brake lines and fuel line today before it started to rain.  I tried
         to use the original clips to hold the lines on the outside of the frame but I did not like the way it came out.  The zinc
         clips with rubber inserts from local hardware stores and self-tapping screws makes for a nice clean and secure





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